The procedures for obtaining a student’s visa in Nepal with the issuance of “Certificate of Eligibility” document. The COE document is issued by a Regional Immigration Bureau in Japan. Through this method, in principle, make student visa issuance procedures easier and quicker compared to without COE document.
YOU – Applicant
(In Nepal)
in Japan
Bureau (Japan)
Step 1
Applying to
Institution in Japan
Step 2
Sending “Certificate
of Acceptance”
and prescribed
documents for a
Certificate of Eligibility


Step 3
Submitting prescribed documents for
application of C.O.E.
Step 4
Remitting tuition
and fees


Step 5
“Letter of Admission”


Step 6
“Letter of Admission”


Applying for the applicant’s
Certificate of Eligibility


Step 7
Issuance of the
Certificate of Eligibility
Step 9
Applying for a visa to
Japanese Embassy or Consulate
Step 8
Sending the
Certificate of Eligibility


Step 10
Obtaining a visa
Step 11
Entering Japan

 Importantly, You should have good Japanese Language before applying to Japan.



Japanese Language Courses      

Canon International Education has been providing different types of courses on the students need and purpose.

Course A (for study in Japan)
This course is specially designed for those students who want to go and study in Japan through this institution. Students can apply for any Colleges and in any City which they select by themselves.

Course details:

Course Duration Daily Class Hours Weekly Class Teachers
6 Months One and Half Hours 9 Hours in a Week Nepalese/Japanese
  • Class Schedule and time table can be changed and re-scheduled according to your need.

Eligibility to study in Japan

  • Students should study Japanese Language in this institution at least for 6 months (216 Hours)
  • Students who have passed +2 level or equivalent
  • Sponsor of the student must be financially capable.


Academic Schedule in Japan

Admission Session Course Duration Application Deadline Final Result
April 2 or 1 year October last of this year February last of Next year
October 1Year 6 months April last of this year August last of this year
July 1 year 9 months January last of this year May last of this year
January 1 year 6 months July last of this year November last of this year


Application Procedure

  1. Admission to Canon International Education
  2. Student Selection Exam ( will be conducted by School’s Representative from Japan or by Skype)
  3. Preparation of Necessary Documents or Documentation
  4. Document Check/ Translation and Forward to Japan
  5. Submission of applicant’s documents to the Immigration of Japan
  6. Get Letter of Eligibility from Immigration of Japan
  7. Get Visa from Embassy of Japan in Nepal
  8. Fly to Japan


Necessary Documents

  • Mark Sheet of SLC (Original)
  • Latest Academic Transcript and Character Certificate (Original)
  • Recommendation Letter from present campus
  • Japanese Language Certificate (at least 6 months or 216hours)
  • 16 copies passport size (3*4 cm)
  • Citizenship Certificate and Medical Report (applicable to certain schools)
  • Certificate of trainings or work experience, if any
  • Certificate of Relationship verification with sponsor
  • Certificate of Annual income verification for past 3 consecutive fiscal years of sponsor
  • Certificate of occupation
  • Certificate of Tax clearance
  • Certificate of Bank Balance
  • Supporting documents

Importantly, Canon International Education investigates, rectify, check and verify the documents before applying to any of the Schools/ colleges and Universities.